Global Playground on Campus

Global Playground has come to the students of the College of William & Mary.  Officially known as Global Playground on Campus (GPOC), this new student group aims to support the mission of Global Playground through volunteer efforts, fundraising, and facilitating cross-cultural campaigns.  Undergraduate students spanning all four academic years are now working to begin the establishment of Global Playground on campus. Under the guidance of our Domestic Fellow Scott Gemmell-Davis, the group recently received official recognition as a club on campus.

These students, with a diverse range of academic and extracurricular interests, are unified by a common goal: to “assist and support” the nonprofit “whenever possible,” per the new constitution of Global Playground on Campus. First and foremost, student volunteers will organize and execute several initiatives aimed at increasing Global Playground’s campus presence.

In recent months, GPOC spearheaded a social media campaign anchored by the phrase “Why I Learn.” Stylized for social media, the hashtag “#WhyILearn” helped to spread the message of the value of cross-cultural education across the William & Mary campus, accompanied by pictures of the students’ signs sharing why they believe dialogue is important.

“Global Playground is energized and inspired by such a strong showing of support on campus at William & Mary,” said Doug Bunch, Chairman.  “Our organization was founded by William & Mary alumni, and has long had a large number of William & Mary alumni on its Board and in its volunteer corps.  We’re thrilled to now have undergraduate students involved as well.”

Global Playground welcomes William & Mary’s students to its team, and looks forward to accomplishing much with their hard work and dedication.

Hannah Bunting