Dance Exchange Gallery

Global Playground challenged students across the world to show off dances that are unique to their communities. Global Playground regularly facilitates ‘dance exchanges’ in which students learn the dance of students in another country and reflect on the similarities and differences between dances.


Khmer Dance


Students from Koh Khel Middle School in Prek Keo village, Cambodia perform traditional Khmer dance at a temple.  These students practice and perform several times a week.


Vietnamese Dance


At Khe Sanh Primary School in Khe Sanh, Vietnam students take regular breaks between morning classes.  During one of the breaks, students participate in this dance.


Traditional Lugandan Dance


Students at BT Academy of Buwasa in the Wakiso District of Uganda perform traditional Lugandan dance with instruments from the school.


Dance that tells the story of harvest time


At Angelo Llorente Elementary School's (ALES) culminating event in Capiz, Philippines students perform a dance that tells the story of harvest time in Bunga.  This dance was choreographed by Sir Jeffrey Ledesma, a young alum of ALES.




Melanie and Kenneth, two students at Villa Soleada Bilingual School in El Progreso, Honduras teach the bachata.  Their friends Maryuri, Daniela, Estefany, Melissa, and the rest of their sixth grade class help demonstrate. The bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and has become a popular style of dance in Latin America.