The Global Playground

Global Playground’s mission is to raise awareness and share resources with people of the developing world to create educational opportunities where they do not exist. We are committed both to funding the education of children in underdeveloped and developing countries, and promoting the importance of education and cross-cultural understanding in the developing world. Global Playground helps build educational infrastructure in these areas and aims to connect students and communities all over the globe.

Video edited by Kent Truog.


Crossing Cultures

Global Playground believes that cross-cultural dialogue has the power to break down walls of intolerance. This video explains why.


Year in Review

Global Playground is grateful for every ounce of support it receives. It allows Global Playground and its communities to reach new heights. In this video from an "Evening Under the Stars," Global Playground's annual fundraiser, Global Playground recaps the cross-cultural dialogue that took place around the world in 2016.


Let Them Read

In summer 2016, Global Playground raised funds to fill the libraries of three of Global Playground's schools in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This video showcases four students and one teacher from Khe Sanh, Vietnam as they share their GP Dream for the summer of 2016: English libraries in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Global Playground raised over $3,000 for books at Global Playground project sites with English texts and texts written in the local languages.