Global Playground Announces 2017-2018 Teaching Fellows


Global Playground is adding two new Teaching Fellows to its team.  Gabi Ross and Hannah Bunting will work at Global Playground’s project sites in Cambodia and the Philippines.  They will be the first year-long Teaching Fellows for Global Playground in Cambodia and the Philippines.

Hannah, a recent graduate of the College of William & Mary, will be teaching at Mangoso Elementary School in Sigma, Capiz, Philippines. She will also be working with Global Playground’s community partner Advancement for Rural Kids, Inc. to further health initiatives that bring fresh meals and revenue to Mangoso. Hannah’s time with Greater City—an organization that aims to build support for the homeless community in Williamsburg, Virginia—opened her eyes to the importance of diversity and open conversation in promoting peace and understanding across communities. Hannah “appreciate[s] how the simple idea of opening up a dialogue between kids from different countries and cultures provides the basis for a richer education across our communities.” By listening in depth to Mangoso’s unique needs and goals, Hannah hopes to make sustainable shifts in education and health programming during her time in the Philippines.


Gabi, a 2016 graduate of American University, will be teaching at Koh Khel Middle School in the Kandal Province of Cambodia. After lecturing at a university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Gabi realized her passion for teaching. As a Fellow, Gabi looks forward to exploring her fascination with Southeast Asian culture and broadening her students’ understanding of the world. “With Global Playground’s model, a school isn’t just simply a recipient of aid, they are a valued part of an exchange where they can help bring more cross-cultural activities to other Global Playground schools,” said Gabi. “Everyone’s helping to educate each other. I really couldn’t be happier to be a part of this.”

Hannah and Gabi will begin orientation in Bangkok, Thailand on July 14.

Hannah Bunting